Definition of KIDOKAN

             IN ENGLISH

          TiQar Free Style Jutsu
                  KI: The internal energy.
                  Do: The way.
                  Kan: The home, School (or DOJO).

Classification :      Martial Art / Fighting Sport.
Uniform : Kimono          
                           -  Red jacket.                         
                           -  White pantaloons.

Accessories:       -   MongKon.


         The KIDOKAN is a syntheses between the traditional techniques of  Thaï Boxing and traditional Japanese techniques projections / weapons (Kobudo, Jujitsu, Iaïdo, Aïkido..etc). 

In KIDOKAN TIQAR FREE STYLE JUTSU, it there five (5) ways (parts or fields) :

     - TiQar Jutsu.
     - TiQar Artistic
     - TiQar Budo
     - TiQar Qidoki
     - TiQar System Defence.

The KIDOKAN includes techniques of :


a/ Struck :

     - Punch (closed or open hand, hook).    
     - Kicks (circular, jumped, returned, direct...).    
     - Nudge (circular, oblic...).   
Knees (circular, oblic...).
     - Rotation of the head.

b/ Grip :

     - Key.
     - Projection.
     - Submission.
     - Strangulation.
     - Immobilization...etc.

1/ TiQar Jutsu : 
         This section concerns the various aspects of fighting. In KIDOKAN the fight can be done on the ring or on the tatami, as follows the competition. We have two types of  fight :

    - Short fight : short distance between the fighters.
     - Long fight : long distance between the fighters.

In KIDOKAN we have also "kata". A kata consists of several martial techniques codified in a series. Kata is the identity of the martial art. In KIDOKAN there are any types of katas :

    - Basic kata.
    - Superior kata.
    - Kata with traditional weapons. 

A kata can be executed in three forms :

    - Classic kata.
    - Qidoki kata.
    - Artistic kata.

2/ TiQar Budo : (The way of traditional weapons)

         In this part of KIDOKAN, we use different weapons to execute the katas, techniques and fight.

Weapons used :

     - Nunchaku.
     - Tonfa.
     - Katana.
     - Bô.
     - Jô.
     - Saï.
     - Tanto.

3/TiQar Qidoki : (Intellectual Measure, Way of Energy)

It is the development of the internal energy "ki", to develope this type of energy we must do an exercises of respiration with kata. This work will allow to execute a breaking of : brick, wood, tile, ice...etc.). 

N.B: In all parts of  KIDOKAN there are competitions.

4/TiQar Self Defence :

The self defence is learning of technics used in unexpected situation.

5/TiQar Artistic :

This part concerns all technics of the artistic show :

     - Artistic kata.
     - Artistic technics.
     - Acrobatics (Flashking, Salto...etc.).

To view the grades and kata of KIDOKAN, click on the page "Grades and kata in KIDOKAN"

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